Hej Världen! My 10 minutes of fame! :-)
May 23, 2008

Today, at the ongoing Virtual World event Hej Världen! I had the opportunity to showcase two really exciting projects: LiteraTour in Library 2.0 and Kista Idea Store. You can follow the whole event online here!. There you can also look for and watch my presentation, that is supposed to be recorded, together with the rest. Bambuser is a really cool service!

Thank you Juliana and the rest of the wonderful Hej Världen crew for inviting me to the event! It was a great experience to focus and present on the issue of how libraries can relate to Virtual Worlds.

Read more about the event here!


Coming soon: Hej Världen! – this is Virtual Reality
May 3, 2008

Hosted by Stockholm School of Entrepeneurship, Hej Världen is:

a technology com entrepreneurial conference revolving around virtual reality (VR) and virtual worlds. This interactive event aims to expose current and future innovations in VR, examine the revolution of contemporary technologies with VR, and explore business opportunities within virtual worlds. Hej Världen! seeks to be an interactive information sharing platform for successful start-ups, companies and experienced individuals from the industry with tertiary students and aspiring entrepreneurs.

23rd May 2008
1300 – 1800 (GMT + 2)

Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan

For those of you who enjoyed Hej 2007, this is another event not to be missed!

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