Blogga dig in gratis på SIME08!
September 29, 2008

Du som bloggar, och tycker och tror att vi i biblioteksbranschen självklart ska bevaka vad som händer på det interaktiva området, missa inte tillfället att få ett Blogger Press Pass på SIME08!

SIME (Scandinavian Interactive Media Event) is Northern Europe’s largest conference about digital opportunities, technology, communication and entrepreneurship. SIME brings together 1200 top executives, aficionados and members of the press. At SIME you will meet and learn from inspiring change makers and you will bring home tools and thoughts that will change the way you work and play. SIME is about how digital opportunities can convert into into new business, a better world and a lot of fun.

Läs mer här om hur du kan få ditt pass!


And the winner is…. the laziest!
August 25, 2008

Had a kick start this morning before attending a meeting at Interactive Institute in Kista. Mattias and I competed in laziness 🙂 We were invited to try an EEG game that interprets your brain activity into physical movements. Or rather, in this case, the opposite. The less brain activity, the more game activity. Awesome game which makes you both laugh and think! We realized for example that laughter gave different results for each of us. For Mattias laughter augments his brain activity, whilst in my case it apparently has the opposite effect, it seems to make me more relaxed. Weird!

The game is called Brainball and commercialized as Mindball.