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IL 2006: Podcasting & Videocasting
October 25, 2006

Podcasting & Videocasting ( Greg Schwartz, Jeff Humphrey, David Free, Sean Cordes, and David King )
Read Sarah Houghton’s summary on her blog LibrarianInBlack

Some interesting links:

ALA Library 2.0 Podcasts – Part of the Library 2.0 Portal (one of the collaborators, Michael Casey, was the one who introduced the term Library 2.0)
Rocketboom – One of the worlds most popular video blogs – 400000 viewers per day
Spoken Up! – GPC Decatur Campus Library’s monthly news and information podcast program
Library Success’ Directory of Podcasting Libraries
-Videoblog & Podcasting Directory
Vloggercon – Conference on Videoblogging