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The 8 Week Paperless Tablet PC Challenge
November 2, 2006

Eric Mack Online

From Eric Mack Online:

My 8-week paperless challenge really pushed the limits of what I felt I could do with a Tablet PC. Of course, I almost went back to paper a few times. And, while, I do not have paperless office, nor do I ever expect to, I’ve learned how to work in a less-paper office and how not to break my nose with my Tablet PC

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IL 2006: Tablet PC = New way of doing reference
October 25, 2006

Sean DavisSean Davis2

Another of these interesting “off track” events that happen in between the presentations:
During one of the breaks I had a chat with Sean Davis, Reader’s Advisor at the Evansville vanderburgh’s Public Library. He told me about their new successful “Roving Librarian” reference work made possible thanks to their mobile Gateway Tablet PC‘s.

Gateway Tablet PC
The tablets make the librarians explore a totally new dimension of reference work: they’re not stuck at the reference desk anymore, they can meet the patrons where there really are, they can “co-browse” with their patrons in a much more convenient way. Both co-workers and patrons find this new approach much more fun than before. And efficient. Can’t wait until we can implement this in the public libraries of Sweden!