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Psychedelic Search!
February 7, 2008


Ett ÄNNU grymmare länktips från Mattias! (här är hans blogg förresten!)


Library 2.0 Feed Search
October 28, 2006


Wow, Google has done it again. Their new Google Co-op Custom Search tool is absolutely great! It will be so helpful for all kinds of virtual reference work, I’m sure. I just created a custumized search engine on the subject Library 2.0:  Library 2.0 Feed Search.  Why don’t you try it out and contribute!

Ms Dewey – Your Virtual Librarian
October 25, 2006

My former boss Christer Klingberg at Örebro stadsbibliotek back in Sweden just sent me this really cool link: MsDewey. It’s a… eh… well, a sort of virtual VERY costumer oriented librarian. Very funny! 🙂 But is it more than a good laugh? Is it useful as a search machine? The page is put together by San Francisco-based design shop Evolution Bureau, and seems to be part of a Microsoft ad campaign. The Flash design is nice but the search funcionality seems to be just average. A pity, because the basic idea is excellent I think!

Some blogposts about MsDewey: