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Hej Världen! My 10 minutes of fame! :-)
May 23, 2008

Today, at the ongoing Virtual World event Hej Världen! I had the opportunity to showcase two really exciting projects: LiteraTour in Library 2.0 and Kista Idea Store. You can follow the whole event online here!. There you can also look for and watch my presentation, that is supposed to be recorded, together with the rest. Bambuser is a really cool service!

Thank you Juliana and the rest of the wonderful Hej Världen crew for inviting me to the event! It was a great experience to focus and present on the issue of how libraries can relate to Virtual Worlds.

Read more about the event here!


SLanguages 2008 Conference – 23 May 2008
March 18, 2008

2013 – the year of the 3D Office?
February 19, 2008

in a new report, Forrester predicts:

Within five years, the 3-D Internet will be as important for work as the Web is today

Computerworld’s comments on the report

and here are some comments on the Leading Virtually blog

Coming of Age in Second life
February 17, 2008

Coming of Age

Missade visst något riktigt intressant i torsdags då Biblioteksavatarerna flaxade omkring i Second life: ett föredrag med författaren till ovanstående bok .

Läs Lindas rapport här…

ONLINE EDUCA 2007 – Sputnic Seminar: Promoting Collaboration Through New Educational Technologies
November 29, 2007


Yesterday was the first day – or rather pre-conference day – of Online Educa 2007. I spent the whole day at something called Sputnic Forum. (Sputnic Webpage) The theme of this forum was ‘Promoting Collaboration Through New Educational Technologies’. It covered four topics: Virtual Mobility, Social Software applications, Streaming Video and Video-conferencing.

Even though the topics in themselves are very relevant to a lot of the activities I’m currently involved in at work back home and even though there were round table talks in the afternoon the seminar didn’t really have the practical orientation that I was looking for. Well, never mind, everything can’t please everyone. And thanks to the free wifi access provided by the conference organizers, I had the opportunity to check out more in detail some of the stuff that I found most interesting during the day:

Media Zoo


Prof. Gilly Salmon from University of Leicester, UK, talked about Media Zoo, an a media learning initiative that I found interesting:
“The Media Zoo provides a supportive, exclusive to staff, experimental environment to facilitate transfer of understanding of the design of learning activities using learning technologies.” Media Zoo is building a Second life presence due to be officially launched as of the 18th of December:

Twofour Learning and The University of Leicester welcome you to the Media Zoo Island. This immersive Second Life environment is a new exciting digital platform where students and academics can share and experience learning in a completely new way. Designed as a place for research to gather data on social interaction, behaviour and the importance of learning in a virtual 3D environment. We would like to invite you to the launch of the Media Zoo Second Life Island on the 18th Dec 2007 at 4pm GMT til 6pm GMT.

SLurl yourself to the Madia Zoo in Second life and check it our for yourself!

Venus Seminars


VENUS offers seminars for interested citizens and students all over Europe, in a virtual way. The seminars are broadcast through videoconferencing to 8 different locations in Europe and through the online streaming to the whole world

Read more…

During one of the session of the Sputnic Forum a book called “Creating new opportunities for learning: How to Organize International Seminars Open to Citizens Using Advances in ICT” was handed out. I”m sure that it can be useful as a resource of documentation for all of us planning to do something in the field of video-conferencing and e-learning.

Facebook + Second life = True!
October 18, 2007


Try the new facebook/Second life app!

Second life! – presentation i Kista bibliotek/lärcenter
October 12, 2007

Till alla medlemmar i Svensk förening för informationsspecialister Lokalavdelning Stockholm

Second Life-presentation

Välkomna att lyssna på mig och Linda Tillander!

Tid: 8 november, kl. 18.00 – ca. 20.00
Plats: Kista bibliotek

Jag och Linda Tillander från berättar om möjligheterna – och svårigheterna – med virtuella världar som miljöer för referensarbete, e-learning och gränsöverskridande nätverkande. Efter föredraget finns möjlighet till mingel och enklare förtäring, mot självkostnadspris, 50 kr.

Vägbeskrivning: T-banestation Kista

Anmälan sker till Sara Laurentz:
Sista anmälningsdag är 5 november. Max antal platser: 35 st

Välkommen önskar Åke, Linda och SFIS Stockholm!

European Day of Languages 26 September 2007 – in SL and IRL
September 25, 2007


My dear collegue Linda Tillander (Linny Voom in Second life) just blogged on about the celebration of the European day of languages tomorrow 26th of September – in Second life!

This is the schedule for the day (all times in GMT):

4pm London Orientation/Keynote
5pm Russian/Baltic states/Finnish
6pm Eastern Europe/Greek
7pm Italian/German/Scandinavian
7:30pm Esperanto
8pm French/Belgian/Dutch
9pm English/Spanish/Portuguese.

Read more about the event…

If you plan to attend the event, please tell your story on Biblioteksavatarerna!

In Kista library/learning center we’re also celebrating the EU Language Day IRL 🙂
EU språkdagen

Psst…. 2.0
September 21, 2007

Nu har jag vimsat till det med datumen…. du ska INTE åka ut till Kista den 9 november, utan däremot på torsdagen den 8:e. Torsdagen den 8:e, inget annat. Capisce? (Tack Linda för att du har ögonen med mig! 🙂

Varför åka ut till Kista undrar du kanske? Jo…

Den 8 november ska Linda och jag försöka reda ut det där med Second life på en träff med stockholmsavdelningen av SFIS.

Läs mer…

September 18, 2007

Kom till First Kista den 9 november! Då ska Linda och jag försöka reda ut det där med Second life på en träff med stockholmsavdelningen av SFIS.

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