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May 18, 2007


In an earlier posting I mentioned the pro and cons of the new online mindmapping tool Mindomo. Now – thanks to a comment by Omar – I have discovered another cool online tool: Comapping. One of the neat things about this service is that it’s all about collaboration and sharing. Just like Google Docs you can share your documents with your friends or collegues and create documents together, in this case mindmaps. I find this feature potentially really useful – it could be a way, for instance, of improving quality in learning situations.

In Kista Learning Center (Kista Lärcenter), where I work, we have recently discovered the wonders of interactive whiteboards as a way to better connect to both library staff and to our library users. We use it a lot in study and career councelling situations, in staff training and in public hands-on classes. Now, being able to build collaborative mindmaps online – involving also distant learners – will give us a new perspective to improve brainstorming and presentations.

I like the interface of Comapping and I love the sharing possibilities. This is a paid service though, so if you consider using it you should take into consideration that there are other free mindmapping alternatives on the market that may work just as well for you, like CmapTools and Mindomo. But if you want to discover the miracles of sharing and collaboration, Comapping might be the killer app!


Mindomo – Free Online Flash Mindmapping Tool
May 17, 2007


Just stumbled upon Mindomo – a cool online mind mapping tool. First impressions:

Simple to use – Word-like interface
Flash based online tool – accessible everywhere
Neat look

it doesn’t allow you to create a new topic/sub-topic directly on the mindmap – which CmapTools does – you can only use the menu
Not accessible offline

I’ll keep using CmapTools as my preferred free mindmapping tool but when I need something really fast and easy I’ll definitely consider Mindomo