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Beyond the digital divide – How to deal with digital inequality?
June 14, 2007

Another brand new report from FutureLab:

In this paper we argue that the digital divide continues to present a serious and significant threat to the establishment of the UK as a successful digital society. There is overwhelming evidence that as ICT becomes woven into the fabric of everyday life then the divisions in ICT use are strengthening rather than diminishing. At the same time, individuals from all sectors of society can be considered as being digitally disadvantaged – not just those who are socially excluded in general. The time is therefore right for countries such as the UK to be reconsidering their efforts to tackle the digital divide. Over ten years on from the popular emergence of the concept, the digital divide remains an important issue that demands renewed attention. With careful thought and due consideration it should be possible for policy makers, technologists and other concerned stakeholders to develop a revitalised policy agenda which builds upon but moves beyond previous digital divide policy-making.

Read more and download the report here!


2020 and beyond – how will the digital future shape learning?
June 14, 2007

A new report from british FutureLab tries to predict what consequences the expected digital development will have for learning and education:

At the present time the UK education system is witnessing a rash of crystal ball gazing. The Education 2020 report provides a vision for personalised learning for the next 13 years; the Building Schools for the Future programme is engendering debates about the institutions and structures of schooling for the next 50 years; and the 21st century curriculum reviews at QCA are generating discussions about the purpose and function of education for the next 100 years. These discussions are not restricted to the UK; since the late 1990s nation states around the world, and international organisations such as the OECD and UN, have been exploring the future of education in the 21st century. This publication is intended to challenge and disturb some of the assumptions underlying these discussions by reviewing current predictions about the development in capacities of digital technologies between now and 2020.

Read more and download the report* here!

Second Life International Conference 2007: Best Practices in Teaching, Learning and Research
May 26, 2007


Yesterday (for the first time ever?) a conference on educational issues was held in Second Life:
Second Life International Conference: Best Practices in Teaching, Learning and Research

I was too busy yesterday attending the Library 2.0 conference Biblioteksdagarna in Stockholm that I didn’t manage to visit this interesting event. Otherwise that would have been exciting. And what’s more: wouldn’t it have been cool if we all that attended the Library 2.0 conference in Stockholm would have payed a virtual visit to the SL Conference? As an integral part of our conference agenda?

Watch a short video from the conference below and check out the latest postings on the conference blog

SirsiDynix Web Seminar on Library 2.0 and Learning 2.0
January 20, 2007

SirsiDynix Institute Web Seminar:
Hopping into Library 2.0 : Experiencing Lifelong Learning

Date : Feb 05, 2007
Start Time : 8 p.m. Eastern
Length : 01:00:00