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Hi, I’m Learnie Allen!
May 17, 2007


Hi there, I'm Learnie!

I'm a traveller. A learning traveller. I like to discover new cool things in places I've never visited before.

I was born in Second Life but my creator didn't want to lock me up there. I mean, SL a huuuge world - I could easily spend weeks there just travelling around and only experience new stuff - but there is so much more to discover isn't there? One needs more perspectives, right? Since I heard about Entropia, for instance, I've been really eager to check it out - and now my creator has made that possible, which I find awesome. I've been told, by the way, that the demiurge of that world is from Sweden! :-)

Well, as you might have figured out already, I'm an avatar with access to two different virtual worlds: Second Life and Entropia (more to come?). I have so much to learn - that's why I'm called Learnie Allen. There are three really important things in life: love, fun and learning. My lifelong learning journey has just begun: I hope to find friendly people, and I want to experience that learning really isn't boring at all but something exciting that has to do with the very essence of life.

Thank you very much for listening and see you here again soon. Or in Second Life. Or in Entropia. Or...

Peace, Love and Learning