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European Day of Languages 26 September 2007 – in SL and IRL
September 25, 2007


My dear collegue Linda Tillander (Linny Voom in Second life) just blogged on about the celebration of the European day of languages tomorrow 26th of September – in Second life!

This is the schedule for the day (all times in GMT):

4pm London Orientation/Keynote
5pm Russian/Baltic states/Finnish
6pm Eastern Europe/Greek
7pm Italian/German/Scandinavian
7:30pm Esperanto
8pm French/Belgian/Dutch
9pm English/Spanish/Portuguese.

Read more about the event…

If you plan to attend the event, please tell your story on Biblioteksavatarerna!

In Kista library/learning center we’re also celebrating the EU Language Day IRL ūüôā
EU språkdagen


The definite solution to spelling “definitely”
April 28, 2007

Haha, this was funny, and useful:

I’ve always had a hard time figuring out the right spelling of the word “definitely”. Now it’s seems I’m not the only one, because after failing to find the word in the Firefox wordlist I made an ordinary Google search and one of the suggested links led to a page called, which informs you that:

The correct spelling is definitely.

Not definately.

Not definatly.

Not definantly.

Not definetly.

Not definently.

And certainly not defiantly.

The correct spelling is definitely.