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European Day of Languages 26 September 2007 – in SL and IRL
September 25, 2007


My dear collegue Linda Tillander (Linny Voom in Second life) just blogged on about the celebration of the European day of languages tomorrow 26th of September – in Second life!

This is the schedule for the day (all times in GMT):

4pm London Orientation/Keynote
5pm Russian/Baltic states/Finnish
6pm Eastern Europe/Greek
7pm Italian/German/Scandinavian
7:30pm Esperanto
8pm French/Belgian/Dutch
9pm English/Spanish/Portuguese.

Read more about the event…

If you plan to attend the event, please tell your story on Biblioteksavatarerna!

In Kista library/learning center we’re also celebrating the EU Language Day IRL ūüôā
EU språkdagen


Speed dating for language freaks!
July 17, 2007


Yesterday I had a great time visiting latest event at Bar Nada. (The video is actually my YouTube Paparazzi debut and also my very first re-mix so please apologize the amateurish “quality”) is a new language community that wants to make it easier and more fun for people to exchange languages with each others:

As Stockholm gains international prestige, more and more people are moving to the city from overseas. At the same time, Swedes are increasingly travelling and investing abroad. This creates a perfect environment for a Language Exchange community. People who move here want to improve and practice their Swedish, and many Swedes want to improve their own foreign language skills. Whether you want to discuss culture, hobbies, or international business, Language Kompis proposes a community where people can meet and exchange languages in fun social environments.

Everybody attending the event was supposed to wear a tag saying what languages he or she wanted to exchange. And then it was up to us to find our matches! I met some very nice and really friendly people: pakistani people speaking german, a swedish girl very much into persian, a moroccon guy who has just spent one and a half month in Sweden and already understands quite a lot and manages to speak quite well. Impressive, Karim! A Costa Rican guy was there, a dutch with a perfect english accent and an italian friend of mine who was looking for german conversation mates and Jonaz who was untagged but he was welcome anyway! :-D. Wow, this was fun! For those of you who have always dreamt of learning a new language for free and in the most human and exciting way of them all – by spending time with others and just speak – for Gods sake don’t miss the next event! And swedish people are extra welcome because there were lots of people looking for Swedish conversation and few of us were actually natives. Why not sign up for free right now and get information about the next event?
And, hey, for those of you interested in exchanging languages in a library environment there are Language Cafés running from August to May in
Kista Library
Skarpnäck library
Farsta library