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stumbled upon some flashart…
February 23, 2008



try something new
February 17, 2008


This and other interesting reading stuff can be found on, a gateway to online flash magazines. If you sometimes get a bit bored of reading blogs – which I do once in a while – and want a richer reading experience, this is an intriguing way of exploring something new and unexpected.

Try also, where you find “more than one-hundred free PDF mag’s from all over the world with main focus on art, design, illustration and culture”.

Ms Dewey – Your Virtual Librarian
October 25, 2006

My former boss Christer Klingberg at Örebro stadsbibliotek back in Sweden just sent me this really cool link: MsDewey. It’s a… eh… well, a sort of virtual VERY costumer oriented librarian. Very funny! 🙂 But is it more than a good laugh? Is it useful as a search machine? The page is put together by San Francisco-based design shop Evolution Bureau, and seems to be part of a Microsoft ad campaign. The Flash design is nice but the search funcionality seems to be just average. A pity, because the basic idea is excellent I think!

Some blogposts about MsDewey: