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New Blook: The Age of Conversation 2008
February 6, 2008


Literature is about conversation. Libraries are facilitators for conversations of any kind.

On AcidLabs I found this collaborative from-blog-to-book project:

The age of conversation 2008

Available in Paperback and eBook format. As it always should be.


Blogg + e-bok = Blook!
December 13, 2006


Blog BooksSkrapa ihop innehållet i en blogg och bunta ihop det till en bok så får du en “Blook”. Det är den enkla men briljanta idén bakom Blog Slurper:

Blog Slurper converts your blog into a book … automatically. Slurp your blog into Blurb’s BookSmart™ software to create a bookstore-quality book, and end up with a permanent and portable archive to share with others.

(Via info NeoGnostic )