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2013 – the year of the 3D Office?
February 19, 2008

in a new report, Forrester predicts:

Within five years, the 3-D Internet will be as important for work as the Web is today

Computerworld’s comments on the report

and here are some comments on the Leading Virtually blog


Virtual worlds, Second life and the future
August 27, 2007

Found this thought provoking presentation on

Playstation 3 Home launches in October – which library will be first to move inside?
July 24, 2007

(…) A huge 3D world wide Playstation 3 matchmaking system

In PS3 Home all users of Playstation 3 will be able to meet and interact in 3D, chat, talk, watch videos and play games with eachother. The graphics is expected to be much better than in Second life and it will be easier to create an avatar and a virtual home.

Which library will be the first to build a presence in PS3 Home?

Metaverse Roadmap – Pathways to the 3D Web
June 25, 2007


Learn about the 3D and virtual future, now to 2025, on