Preview: European Day of Languages 2008 @Second House of Sweden

Read more about the event:


4 Responses

  1. I hope that the “European Day of Languages” will encourage many people to learn a new language. Especially in the United Kingdom where the interest in learning languages seems to be declining.

    You may know that four schools in Britain have introduced Esperanto, the neutral international language, in order to test its propaedeutic values?

    The pilot project is being monitored by the University of Manchester. Why not extend this project to other countries as well? Further academic appraisal is essential.

    An interesting video can be seen at

    Otherwise might help ?

  2. Thank you Brian for your comment!

    Even though I’m not a strong esperanto “believer” myself (I tend to think that any language, including the invented ones, have cultural biases; esperanto isn’t less “western” than any other european language) I do support the egalitarian ideas behind the esperantist movement.

    I’m very much in favour of linguistic pluralism so I certainly think that esperanto would be enriching to add to our project LiteraTour 2.0. Currently, though, we’re only dealing with the “official” languages of the project: English, Swedish, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Greek. But at our next project meeting in November I will suggest we add more languages to the project, including esperanto.

    If you want, you are more than welcome to join our Ning community ( in order to get regular information about our upcoming events. On the site you can also share your vision about esperanto to all our members!


  3. Hi Åke,

    Is there going to be a film of the main event too?


  4. Joe: Thanks for your comment.
    Sorry to say that we didn’t manage to record the event. But there are photos: check if you haven’t already.


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