And the winner is…. the laziest!

Had a kick start this morning before attending a meeting at Interactive Institute in Kista. Mattias and I competed in laziness 🙂 We were invited to try an EEG game that interprets your brain activity into physical movements. Or rather, in this case, the opposite. The less brain activity, the more game activity. Awesome game which makes you both laugh and think! We realized for example that laughter gave different results for each of us. For Mattias laughter augments his brain activity, whilst in my case it apparently has the opposite effect, it seems to make me more relaxed. Weird!

The game is called Brainball and commercialized as Mindball.

One Response

  1. Vad snällt av dig att lägga upp den video där jag vinner, med tanke på att jag förlorade varenda spel utom just det där… 😉

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