“Competence Clusters” in Virtual Reference is about the library as information broker and matchmaker

Collaborative Virtual Reference Symposium

From the just finished Collaborative Virtual Reference Symposium in Denver we recieve the wonderful news that the Competence Cluster idea in virtual reference isn’t dead at all – it’s alive and kicking! 🙂 The only thing lacking is funding…

Ulf-G Nilsson & Magnus Ilvered from Jönköping University Library held a speech on “Competence Clusters for virtual reference services: A new model for collaboration” and there are some short notes from the presentation available on the Minitex Digital Reference Blog.

I love the idea of the library as an information broker and a matchmaker. That’s why I fully support the idea of developing competence clusters based on special subject and language skills both on organizational and individual levels. Collaborative Virtual Reference services are about sharing and visibility and that’s why we library workers should act as brokers doing what we can to make invisible and inaccessible library skills available to the public – where and when they need it the most! That’s why a multilingual project like Ordbron is so much in line with future library services. That’s why virtual reference services in the library communities need so much more funding!


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