Mindomo – Free Online Flash Mindmapping Tool


Just stumbled upon Mindomo – a cool online mind mapping tool. First impressions:

Simple to use – Word-like interface
Flash based online tool – accessible everywhere
Neat look

it doesn’t allow you to create a new topic/sub-topic directly on the mindmap – which CmapTools does – you can only use the menu
Not accessible offline

I’ll keep using CmapTools as my preferred free mindmapping tool but when I need something really fast and easy I’ll definitely consider Mindomo

3 Responses

  1. Our team just launched a new collaborative web-based mind mapping tool called comapping. Its different from the rest in that it is developed specifically for collaborative computer-human interface. Have a look at comapping.com

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me


  2. You just press INS for a new subtopic, or Enter for a new sibling topic. No need to use the menu every time.

    Best regards
    Nick Duffill

  3. […] an earlier posting I mentioned the pro and cons of the new online mindmapping tool Mindomo. Now – thanks to a comment […]

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