Free Wi-Fi hotspots in Stockholm

sthlmwifiI love Google Maps. Recently a new really cool version was launched, which makes it possible to create your own personalized maps and make them public. Which of course is very useful, for example if you want to create a map visualizing where you can find free Wi-Fi hotspots i Stockholm. Which,of course, I did :-). Here is the result: Stockholm Wi-Fi


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  1. Hi Bibl,
    this summer i planing visit Stockholm, does it free to find free wfspot? and how regular price for paid spots?
    thank you,

  2. Hi Max!
    1. Join Plazes! ( There you’ll find a lot of user generated info about free wifi spots around the world.

    2. Join FON! ( Share your wifi at home with other FON-ers and you’ll have free access to a loads of other hot spots around the world.

    3. When you arrive in Stockholm, ask “Sverigehuset” (Kungsträdgården) for info about free wifi in the city. Last summer there was free wifi in Kungsträdgården and Berzeli park, for example.

    There are some different paid alternatives at various locations in Stockholm:

    Telia Homerun: day pass about 70 SEK (if I remember well)
    RoverRabbit: day pass about 70 SEK (if I remember well)
    GlocalZone: day pass 39 SEK

    Max, I Hope this info is will be useful and welcome to Stockholm! 🙂

  3. Hi Åke! You’ve probably seen my new website (the wifi map). Here’s the link for wifi in Stockholm. It’s in Swedish, though. Hej!

  4. Thanx Ted for reminding me about your new cool site, which of course I warmly recommend! My own Google map site hasn’t been updated for a long time so I think yours is much better, since it’s collaborative too! Good luck!

  5. […] Stockholm […]

  6. Hej Bibl! Thanks for the Google map, very very handy!! Made my life easy 🙂

  7. sweet, as i be there soonish. 🙂

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