Library 2.0 Feed – made possible thanks to xFruits


Before I came to Monterey for the Internet Librarian conference I was trying to figure out how to collect the blog posts of all the conference bloggers in one single neat interface. I decided to put them together on a new Pageflakes page, on my startpage  It worked out pretty well I think. (I now have removed the “IL 2006” page and exported all the RSS-feeds from there to the “Library Blogs” page)

Yesterday, the last day of the conference, I happened to read a blog posting on a french blog about a service called xFruits, which, among other cool things, enables you to easily mix up to 30 different RSS feeds into one single RSS feed. I put one up, collecting RSS-feeds from 21 different blogs (including the IL 2006 blogger) and named it Library 2.0 Feed.

You can see the result here: Library 2.0 Feed.

I find the solution really great, but there is one pitfall though. The source info on the created page is very small, almost invisible, which makes it difficult for the reader to understand that this is really just a mashup of blog postings from different sources, and not one single blog from only one source. Hopefully it will be possible soon to costumize the site more to make the senders more visible.


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