IL 2006: Tablet PC = New way of doing reference

Sean DavisSean Davis2

Another of these interesting “off track” events that happen in between the presentations:
During one of the breaks I had a chat with Sean Davis, Reader’s Advisor at the Evansville vanderburgh’s Public Library. He told me about their new successful “Roving Librarian” reference work made possible thanks to their mobile Gateway Tablet PC‘s.

Gateway Tablet PC
The tablets make the librarians explore a totally new dimension of reference work: they’re not stuck at the reference desk anymore, they can meet the patrons where there really are, they can “co-browse” with their patrons in a much more convenient way. Both co-workers and patrons find this new approach much more fun than before. And efficient. Can’t wait until we can implement this in the public libraries of Sweden!


7 Responses

  1. What’s the thing with the tablet PC. Could it be just a laptop or is it the touch screen…?

  2. It’s the mobility basically, which you don’t get from an ordinary laptop It’s built for use while seated, whilst a tablet pc you can use on the run. Also the touch screen of course. Much easier to interact with the computer whithout having to type on a keyboard. The handwriting recognition is really interesting, seems to be working much better now than just one or two years ago. But I don’t know yet about Swedish, if it’s fully developed or not.

  3. The mobility, yes, I’m going to have a moment of reflection around that subject. In fact, I’m going to write a text on bibliotek2.0 asking for examples of libraries using it. I saw something in a interrupted chat conversation we had, that Jonkoping….

  4. The Royal Norwegian Naval Academy library have used a tablet PC for a while now with good results. The tablet PC is especially useful in busy situations with lots of students in the library.

  5. Here is a picture of the Tablet PC in action at the library.

  6. I have seen a few examples of tablet use outside of the library setting. Hospitals here often use them to help maximize space. The tablet PC was especially helpful at the conference, because it allowed me to take handwritten notes rather than having to type them. Thanks for the interest Ake.

  7. Thanks for feedback, Peter, Thomas and Sean!

    I just made a search on “Tablet PC” using the new LisZen Blog Search Engine. There seem to be quite a few blog posting on the subject out there:

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