IL 2006: Cover it all with the conference bloggers

Wow, there are so many bloggers here in Monterey doing an excellent – and fast!* – job summing up and commenting the sessions and presentations at the conference that I don’t really see the point why I also should do the same. This is really an example of collaboration culture at its best. Since so many share their good work with others one can focus even more on the interesting details and the small, but meaningful non-official “extras”. Me like 🙂

A convenient way to follow the conference blogging newsflow- if you don’t have an RSS-reader of your own – is to check out the ÍL 2006 Wiki or the Info Today Blog. There almost all of the conference bloggers are listed. You can also visit my personalized homepage (choose “IL 2006”) for an overview of the latest blogger posts.

*One of my absolute favorite blogs is Sarah Houghton’s Librarian in Black. In no time at all , like half an hour or so after each presentation, she has a full summary up and running, full of interesting comments. Incredible!


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  1. Hey thanks 🙂 Yes, I have been told I am a conference blogging maniac. As long as my fingers don’t fall off, I’ll keep doing what I do to get the info out to all those folks who can’t attend!

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