IL 2006: Don’t enjoy your pumpkin cake too much, or you’ll loose your belongings

After a 19 hours journey from Sweden (feels like flying to the moon), via London, I finally arrived in San Francisco. From there I took a Greyhound bus to Salinas. And in Salinas I got off the bus, happy to be able to go out in the sun and explore the Farming Market just near the bus station. While waling around and happily enjoying a Pumpkin Pecan cake I suddenly remembered: my bag!!! I hade left my bag behind on the Greyhound bus which now was making its way on to Los Angeles. God, was I worried! All my clothes, all hygienic stuff… and…. the cables and chargers for my Ipaq, my cellphone AND the charger for my laptop. All gone. 😦 Well, after a lot of calling on the cell phone and visiting the Greyhound office I am now slowly starting to accept the fact that it’s all gone, probably. Forever. Not a trace of my bag, nowhere….

So, if someone of you attending the conference happens to be the owner of charger for a DELL Latitude D620 please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I would be so grateful if I could borrow it for an hour or so. Please… 🙂 If so, leave a message here or call me: +46739595965

Well, anyway, below are some short reflections from yesterday’s and today’s preconference workshops that I attended (the extremely kind owner of the Bed & Breakfast where I’m staying has let me use his computer while here, so, yes I CAN continue blogging 🙂


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